8 Apps that are Draining Your Battery & Your Patience 

There are several things you may be unaware of running down the battery on your smartphone, as well as several things you could be doing about it to save major juice. 

On average your typical American downloaded 26 apps in 2014, an expected jump to 30-32 this year (Nielsen). This means that we are downloading so many different apps, our batteries practically don’t even stand a chance to begin with.

There are certain apps that run at the startup of your phone, the ones already installed basically (with a few exceptions, of course), and then other ones that are strictly run by the user. When it comes to the biggest battery draining apps, here’s how it breaks up between the two:

Run By User:

  1. Snapchat – This app just eats both memory usage (and they say the photos are gone forever…) and battery life.
  2. Netflix – Of course this app will take a huge hunk of battery, just try it with the brightness down next time during your binge watch session!
  3. Amazon Shopping – The amount of background data this app uses to show current offers and promos is ridiculous. Literally.
  4. Spotify – As with Netflix, this is an obvious battery sucker. Be sure your phone screen is locked while listening!
  5. BBC News/Outlook – Both of these apps take an insane amount of battery and can be cut down by creating a shortcut and uninstalling the actual app.

Run At Startup: 

  1. Facebook – You will definitely want to delete the Facebook app from your phone and make a shortcut on your homescreen, having the app constantly steals juice from your phone to keep your notifications updated.
  2. Facebook Messenger – Same as Facebook, delete it and create a shortcut.
  3. Google Maps – For GPS to be running constantly for Google Maps it requires A LOT of battery life, just turn it off until you really need it. (Your Pokemon Go can wait).

Yikes, so you use, and really need, all of those apps? Well don’t worry, here are a few more tips to save some much needed battery life, after all, you never know when you’ll have to show a friend a new song, snap an insanely great selfie, or catch the elusive Mewtwo.

Adjust brightnessAdjust brightness
Don’t push email notificationsTake advantage of 2g radio network
Turn off location trackingUtilize Smart Stay feature
Keep the phone coolChange timeout to be quicker
Turn off Siri and Icloud when not in useTurn off Always on Display function
Set auto lock screen soonerUtilize AMOLED darker display
Don’t use motion backgroundsTurn off LED indicator when not needed
Don’t utilize ‘refresh’ as muchDisconnect from Networks when not in use

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