Need to work out but don’t want to actually leave your couch?

That is totally fine, we get it, working out is stupid hard.

Here are some things you can still do without actually getting your ass off that couch!

  1. Arm Lifts – With your feet firmly on the ground, lift your arms up. Just really put them in the air. Next, wave them around like you just don’t care. Continue for a full commercial.
  2. Leg Lifts – Put your remote in your left hand and lift your right leg slowly as far as you can. Do this 5 times then switch the remote to your right hand and lift your left leg.
  3. Attitude Lifts – With your feet firmly on the ground and your remote clutched tightly within one hand, think of all the cool shit you did today or are planning to do today. You’re kick ass, keep it up!
  4. Finger Reps – Get ready to be a channel surfing master, all you need to do is go through 100 channels as fast as you can with your right thumb, and then your left. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids after this one. Beer is probably fine.
  5. Toe Curls – Take your disgusting shoes and socks off and wiggle your toes around, stretching them out. Once fully stretched, start curling each toe one by one, really working those obscure muscles you have no idea how to control.
  6. Kegels – You literally don’t even have to move any part of your body for this one, just flex your sex parts to keep everything really neat and tidy down there. You’re an adult now, you need to do Kegels.
  7. Neck Rolls – Feet planted firmly on the ground, arms lazily to your sides, start rolling your neck clockwise, slowly, then counterclockwise. Really try to strain yourself and pop your neck while doing so.
  8. Belly Rolls – Look down at your stomach and count your belly rolls. This is more of a mental exercise.
  9. Boob Flexes – Get those pectorals going like Terry Crews for one whole commercial!
  10. Knee Rollers – For this one you are going to need to place your hands on both knees and slowly roll your knee cap around. If it seems weird and unnecessary, you are doing it right.

Be sure to drink plenty of beer afterward and get plenty of rest, probably another couple hours of tv should do it.

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