How to Lose Your Car Keys in 10 Seconds.

Just like Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, I’m here to tell you how to lose your car keys in 10 seconds. Sure, car keys and Matthew McConaughey aren’t nearly the same level of attractiveness, or even usefulness, but the concept is the same. Here’s how you do it: Just […]

Fun Things To Do While Your Stupid Boyfriend Plays Battlefield All Night

First of all, is it even Battlefield he is playing? I mean, there are people shooting like they would on a battlefield, but is this one like, Halo or Red Dead Redemption? Are those all different? Anyway, your man is playing whatever this game is and not paying attention to you or the dinner you […]

10 Exercises You Can Do With Your Fat Ass on the Couch.

Need to work out but don’t want to actually leave your couch? That is totally fine, we get it, working out is stupid hard. Here are some things you can still do without actually getting your ass off that couch! Arm Lifts – With your feet firmly on the ground, lift your arms up. Just really […]

6 Reasons I Can’t Make it To Swimsuit Season

6 Reasons I Can’t Make it To Swimsuit Season this Year: 6 Most Calorie Filled Restaurant Items Bruleed French Toast – 2,780 Cheesecake FactoryThis syrup smothered blissful breakfast delight comes with a few thick cut slices of French Bread topped with powdered sugar and syrup, with a side of bacon or grilled ham to boot. […]

8 Apps that are Draining Your Battery & Your Patience

8 Apps that are Draining Your Battery & Your Patience  There are several things you may be unaware of running down the battery on your smartphone, as well as several things you could be doing about it to save major juice.  On average your typical American downloaded 26 apps in 2014, an expected jump to […]

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